A postcard from Tokyo | Una postal desde Tokio

The illustration “Ganbare nihon” has been travelling a lot recently, hopefully for a very good cause. It's been shown in the Barcelona Comic Convention, as well as in Madrid's Manga Convention. And after having sold the original art through the TBO4Japan project, it's going to be published in the compilation that Dibbuks will be putting out soon, not to mention Cafe Sale's Magnitude 9 book in France and the japanese magazine Destination Tokyo. I'm hoping that it's helping to make people happier!

However, for all those who would like to have a copy and keep helping, what could make more sense than receiving a postcard with the illustration... from Japan? Write me until the 11th of june to know the details (out of the 2 Euros that it'll cost, half will be directly donated to the Japanese Red Cross). Anyone feeling like doing a good action today?


La ilustración “Ganbare nihon” ha estado viajando mucho últimamente. Y por suerte, por una muy buena causa. Se ha expuesto en el Salon del Comic y en el Expomanga de Madrid, y después de haber vendido el original a través del proyecto TBO4Japan, me han confirmado que estará incluída en el recopilatorio que se publicará en breve a traves de Dibbuks, así como en el libro Magnitude 9 que sacará CFSL en Francia y en la revista Destination Tokyo de Japón. ¡Espero que ayude a levantar la moral de la gente!

No obstante, para los que quieran tener una copia y seguir ayudando, qué tiene más sentido que recibir el dibujo en una postal... desde Japón? Podeis escribirme hasta el 11 de Junio para saber los detalles (De los 2 Euros que costara cada una, la mitad ira destinada a la Cruz Roja de Japón). ¿Alguien se apunta a hacer una buena obra?

[HMHWT 2011] ありがとうございました | ¡Gracias, Tokyo!

I survived to the Comitia 96 convention!
I'm very thankful to all those who came by our stand yesterday. It’s in many ways thanks to Micko (main character of the comic) that we were able to show the work to plenty of people and have lots of fun, as well as to Est Em’s patience (you’re awesome!).
I'm sincerely thankful to all those who have supported me in this crazy project: I’d have never been able to come this far without you!


¡He sobrevivido al Comitia 96!
Estoy realmente agradecido a todos los que os acercasteis al stand ayer. Es en buena parte gracias a la energía de Micko (protagonista del cómic) que pudimos enseñar el fanzine a tanta gente, así como a la paciencia de Est Em. Agradezco a todos los que me han apoyado en este proyecto, no hubiera podido llegar hasta aquí sin vosotros.



Want to have a copy of the book? Write me an e-mail to get the information on how to get yours!
The world tour’s next stop is Madrid. Stay tuned !


¿Quieres un ejemplar del cómic? No dejes de escribirme un mail para saber cómo hacerte con uno.
La próxima parada de la gira mundial es Madrid, por allí nos veremos.



[HMHWT 2011] Comitia 96

The Secret Mobile Home will finally do its third stop as expected in the 96th Comitia festival in Tokyo on the 5th of may. It's a real honor to be part of one of the best fairs in Japan for original self-publication.

It is for this ocassion that I'm releasing "Spicy Tuna", a comic that I'll showcase along with its main character. It's the result of almost a year of work, so I sincerely hope you like it.

I'll also have postcards for sale (including one you already know for the Red Cross funds) and I'll do comissions if anyone asks.

Don't hesitate to come and say "konnichiwa" to the Y31b booth, where I'll be along with the always inspiring Est Em!


El jueves 5 de mayo haré finalmente tal y como previsto tercera parada de la gira mundial en el Comitia 96 en Tokyo. Es todo un honor poder estar en una de las ferias de referencia en Japón para la creación original en materia de autoedición.

Para la ocasión sacaré un comic titulado "Spicy Tuna", que presentaré acompañado de su protagonista. Es el fruto de casi un año de trabajo, así que espero que os guste.

También tendré postales a la venta (en concreto una que ya conocéis para recabar fondos para la Cruz Roja) y haré dibujos si alguien me lo pide.

No dejéis de pasar a decir konnichiwa, al stand número Y31b, donde estaré acompañado de la increíble Est Em.






Zero is out Stateside!

ZERO: JM KEN NIIMURA ILLUSTRATIONS ’07-’09 Set to Make Stateside Debut with Image Comics on April 27th

Image Comics is proud to present a collection of whimsical, colorful illustrations by JM Ken Niimura. The esteemed artist's gestural, emotionally affective work with writer Joe Kelly on the critically acclaimed miniseries I KILL GIANTS helped ensure that book was nominated for an Eisner award in 2009, won IGN's Best Indy Book of 2008, and was listed as one of the Top 10 YA Library Association picks of 2010. Niimura's work did not start nor stop with I KILL GIANTS, though.

Prior to his collaboration with Kelly, Niimura worked on a variety of international titles, including UNDERGROUND LOVE, CLOCKWORLD, VACIO ABSOLUTO, and OSTRAS JUALAS. The Spanish-born Niimura has won more than 30 awards in recognition for his art in his home country, showcased his work in exhibitions all across Madrid, and worked on advertising campaigns for clients like Cartoon Network.

"I'm really happy to share these illustrations I did during the period I worked on I KILL GIANTS with American readers," said Niimura. "They show the other aspect of my career -- that of an illustrator, dealing more solely with composition and color, and I'm really looking forward to hearing people's reaction to the book's design!"

"Few things have made me as proud as the ongoing success of I KILL GIANTS, and the understated brilliance of Ken's artwork is undoubtably as important a component and Joe's powerful script, so it's real pleasure to further highlight Ken's skills in ZERO," added Image Publisher Eric Stephenson. "And as great as his work in I KILL GIANTS was, I guarantee there's still plenty here that will both surprise and impress Ken's growing legion of fans."

This gorgeous paperback art book with die-out cover showcases many of Niimura’s works of richly colored illustrations, which were previously published in magazines, books and advertisements between 2007 and 2009, none of which have been published in the US until now. ZERO: JM KEN NIIMURA ILLUSTRATIONS '07-'09 displays a varied retrospect of the artist's recent career that both art lovers and comic book readers can easily appreciate.

ZERO: JM KEN NIMURA ILLUSTRATIONS '07-'09 (FEB110425), a 96 page full-color art book, will be on sale in stores April 27, 2011 for $12.99.


Es decir, que la versión de Image Comics del libro de ilustraciones "Zero" ya está a la venta en los Estados Unidos. ¡Y no olvidéis que la versión española sigue estando disponible de la mano de Norma Editorial!